Horrible Pain In The Upper Neck...Help!

I've had this horrible pain in my upper neck on my left side whenever I turn my head to the right. What can i do to fix the pain? It's almost unbearable...

Try massaging the occipital muscles. These muscles attach from the skull to the 1st 2 vertebrae. They are easy to find. Run your fingers down the back of your skull until you feel the base of the skull (the hard bone feeling changes because you then hit muscle). You can take your fingers and massage or press up towards the skull. Pressing on one tight area for about 7-10 seconds then moving slightly to the side works well. It only takes a little while and you can get significant relief. You can also massage with your fingers in a circular fashion.

This pain in the upper cervicals can also create a headache too; usually one that travels up the back of the head. When you turn to the right it hurts on the left because you are stretching the muscles when you do that. It may be your left occipital muscles that need the most work. There are alot of other muscles in this region as well but the circular massage and trigger point pressure will help them as well.

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