Why do I have Numbness and Tingling down my Arm but no Pain?

Numbness & Tingling In The Arms
This is fairly common. It all depends on which nerve fibers are affected. In fact, the majority of the nerves in our body don’t even detect pain. This is why something can be happening but you don’t even know it. This is a subject for another blog however.

If you have numbness, tingling, burning, or another sensation, we know there is nerve irritation somewhere. Typically what happens is that inflammation in the region puts pressure on a nerve causing the symptoms. Usually a spinal shift, muscle strain, or injury creates this problem. All of your neck bones or vertebrae are attached to muscles and ligaments so a muscle strain or muscle spasm will create a spinal misalignment. The irritation to the muscle creates inflammation and the vertebral misalignment adds to the pressure. Aligning the spine often helps the inflammation dissipate. This will also help relax the muscles allowing the spinal column to stay in its normal position.

This is also why it takes some time to heal. It sometimes takes some time to correct alignment and relieve the pressure allowing the body to again work at 100% without tingling and numbness or pain for that matter. Both ice and heat can also be used to speed muscle recovery and relaxation.

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