Simple Tips to Help you Stay Flu-Free this Season

With winter just around the corner, many people are getting ready for another cold and flu season. With the accessibility of the flu vaccine, many people forget the basic steps you can take to ensure that you’re less likely to catch something.

First thing to remember may seem like a simple one, but it is often forgotten. Washing your hands frequently and thoroughly is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick. If you’ve touched something with cold or flu germs, then you touch your mouth, eyes, or nose, now you’ve gotten sick. Wash your hands often during this season, and if you don’t have access to soap and water, you can always carry hand sanitizer with you.

Another tip is to avoid touching your nose, mouth and eyes. If you can keep your hands away from your face during the day, you are greatly reducing your chance of getting sick from the germs you may have on your hands.

It’s important also to keep your distance from others who you know are sick. This goes the same if you are sick- keep your distance from coworkers and others you see everyday. Try to get lots of bed rest and drink plenty of fluids to help your body heal faster.

Also, if you are sick, remember to always cover your nose and mouth if you cough or sneeze. Someone else can get sick by breathing your germs in, but by covering your mouth with a tissue, your hands, even your sleeve, you can prevent those around you from getting sick too.

Finally, use a hypoallergenic neck pillow.  This not only will hold less germs and dust mites than your old pillow but keeping the body in good alignment helps to keep it healthy.

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