Alignment of the Cervical Spine: A large piece to the puzzle of being pain and symptom Free!

Overall spinal alignment is extremely important because it allows the muscles to stay in balance and pressure to stay off the nerves. The neck, and especially upper cervical spine can be said to be the most important because of the increased amount of nervous system activity.

Being so close to the brain, which is basically our main “switchboard”, there are more nervous system impulses going on every second. Essentially more messages to your body; more communication is happening. This is why keeping this upper neck in check is vital.

This brings me to the following point: a neck pillow like the cervical traction pillow may help with neck pain, but should be used regularly to improve and maintain your health. Pain is a warning sign that something is irritated or “broken down”,

fixing problems as fast as possible will prevent other problems or symptoms from arising.

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