How can Acupuncture Help me Get a Good Night’s Rest?

Acupuncture has been practiced for hundreds of years and has been shown to help a number of conditions.

It will help to “balance” the body. In the acupuncture world, you refer to it as your body’s Qi (“chi”). Balancing and relaxing the various channels of the body will help you relax. This is directly related to our body’s nerves and nervous system. Studies have shown it to especially help with neck pain and back pain as well as allergies.

Relaxing the body will help with sleep, but reducing allergies can make a big difference too. The cervical linear traction pillow is hypoallergenic, but you can also get a special dust cover. This will protect the pillow over its lifespan against additional mites and allergens. One of the most important benefits of reducing allergies or asthma-like conditions is better breathing. This is a major factor in healthy sleep.

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