Pillow Recommendation for a Reverse Curve in the Neck

Dear Arc4life,

I bought one of your Linear neck pillows a couple of years ago. I thought it helped some, but now I am waking every morning with neck stiffness and a headache. The headache is usually gone 30 min. after I get up, without any medication. I don't have a good cervical curve in my neck. I have tried both the softer side and firmer side of the pillow.

I went on your site and read about several of your pillows, the linear TRACTION pillow, the water pillow, etc. I hate to keep spending money trying to find a pillow that will help. Do you have any suggestions?

- Petunia

Dear Petunia, if you do not have a proper curve in the neck (it could mean you have a straight neck or a reverse curve in your neck), I would recommend some kind of a traction product (such as the cervical traction posture pump or the pronex traction unit) and also the Arc4life cervical traction neck pillow. The traction side of that pillow (V Side) will help you get the curve back in your neck at night.

I would highly recommend that you get adjusted by the chiropractor. They can also show you how to do traction properly at home. It is also a good idea to use a traction device in their office before buying one. Also neck stretches in the morning will be beneficial, as will using a hot pack on your neck and upper back area.

Also, keep in mind that doing traction and using a new pillow at night, can cause pain in the neck- including soreness and muscle spasms. This is normal- just like when you work out at the gym after a long time. Your neck muscles will not be used to using such a supportive pillow at night, so it is possible that you will have that. Having headaches is also normal after using a new pillow. Again, a chiropractor can also help you choose the right pillow for sleeping, and can also help you with headache pain relief.

Finally, if you are a petite person, I would recommend the small linear gravity pillow for you. If you prefer something a little firmer check out the petite core pillow. The traction pillow is a medium size pillow: 20" x 26". Due to the design of the pillow Arc4life cannot make it any smaller. You could also go with a softer pillow such as the cervical alignment pillow which has 5", 6" or 7" neck rolls.
Hope this helps.
-Nav at the Arc4life Blog

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